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Today each organization finds it necessary to operate in the global arena for its survival and growth. In order to upgrade knowledge and enhance the operational competence of working executives in the field of Foreign Trade, Shipping & Logistics as also students in their Bachelor’s / Master’s degree who want to make an exceptional career in Foreign Trade, Shipping & Logistics, IISFT has launched different programs like ICEIP, ICFF, ICFTL.

These courses are aimed at developing leaders with knowledge and skills, essential in building a sound organizational structure and who can challenge and revel in today’s fiercely competitive global business environment.

These courses are not simply an educational course, but a niche product of our own curriculum, our own rigorous standards and meeting our own demands in the international arena.

The course curriculum of all the programs at IISFT is an exhaustive syllabus of International Marketing, EXIM Procedures and Documentation, Foreign Trade Policy, Marine Insurance, Foreign Trade Finance, FOREX, Containerisation, Multimodal Transport, Customs, Freight Forwarding, Shipping and Logistics and many more…


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