IISFT Placement Process

Since 2004, IISFT is engaged in providing quality education and training in the domain of Foreign Trade, Shipping and Logistics. Over the years, IISFT has acquired specialization in training delivery process which has benefitted several students who have enrolled in various courses. IISFT feels the pride to share that each and every student associated with the institute has shown their utmost confidence and authenticity for the course curriculums offered to them. We would like to share that most of the students who join IISFT are all working employees. IISFT has not only made continuous efforts to satisfy the working class but also other students whether a fresher or an experienced professional. IISFT offers a complete career development environment through providing good ambience, comfortable AC classrooms and quality study material in a simple layman language to assist students in understanding the subject more clearly.

Pre-Placement Activity

IISFT offers customized courses suitable for students at different levels including Graduates, Post-Graduates, and also for junior and senior level employees. While offering a course, we give the highest priority to prepare candidates and make them job ready. During this process, we share vast industry knowledge and experience to enable students to take over new positions in the near future. We analyse and evaluate student’s strengths and weaknesses to guide them in choosing the right career path. For the same, we conduct several rounds of counselling sessions and goal setting process for students, wherein;

  • IISFT conducts multiple rounds of one-on-one interviews to check the capability of students by the way of assessing their technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.
  • Upon identification of capabilities, we suggest students draw a career line which they can follow to meet their expectations gradually.
  • Subsequently, professional skills and etiquettes, interview facing skills and resume building skills are developed to make sure that students are well prepared before facing an interview.
  • Lastly, IISFT arranges series of interviews with well-reputed companies and ensures that all the students get an equal opportunity to participate in an interview.

Post-Placement Activity

After successful completion of placement process, IISFT conducts the following series of steps;

  • Students are suggested to give their feedbacks which will help in improving the placement process.
  • Collecting student testimonials.
  • Sharing testimonials among existing and prospective students through various means such as;
    • Enlisting student testimonials on the website.
    • Direct mailers and other activities.
    • Inviting successful candidates to the training centre to act as a mentor for existing students for their better career prospects.

Placement Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 85 per cent attendance is required in classroom lectures,

  • Minimum 70 per cent marks should be acquired in internal and external assessment examination.

Placement Terms and Conditions

While placements are being carried out, a student should;

  • Be willing to relocate, if needed,
  • Participate in no more than 3 interviews,
  • Accept the offer that has been made to him or her,
  • Not fail to show his or her presence in any of the scheduled interviews as failing to do so will render the student ineligible for the placement process.

Checklist while attending interviews

While participating in an interview, a student must confirm that he or she is carrying the following things and should present whenever asked for:

  • Two copies of resume in separate envelopes,
  • Two latest passport size photographs,
  • Student ID card.


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