Placement Process at IISFT

IISFT is engaged in providing quality education in the field of Foreign Trade, Shipping & Logistics since 2004. Over the years IISFT have mastered the training delivery process and several students have benefited from the courses of IISFT and have reached the milestone in their career. Since its inception several students have shown their confidence and faith in IISFT. It gives us proud feelings that more than 60 per cent of students joined IISFT were all working employees. IISFT has always tried to satisfy its each and every student whether fresher or having work experience. IISFT has always provided good ambiance, comfortable AC classrooms and quality study material in easy understandable language to help students understanding the subject more clearly.

Pre-Placement Activity


As the courses of IISFT are beneficial for everyone, the students joining IISFT comes from variety of backgrounds. Over the years IISFT has experienced students coming from Graduate, Post Graduate, junior level working employees and senior level working employees.

To ensure that you can get maximum benefit from our placement activities, we visualize you the industry exposure by acknowledging you the actual position of the industry and we try to visualize your strength and accordingly guide you moving ahead in your career. For the same we take you through the round of counseling and expectations setting process where in:

    • We conduct a round of personal interview to measure the capability of students by examining his/her technical knowledge and soft skills.

    • According to the capabilities measured we suggest students and draw the career line which he could follow and meet his/her expectations gradually.

    • Followed by that, Professional skills, interview etiquettes, resume writing skills etc. are developed resulting in facing interview in a professional manner.

    • Students are sent for interview.


Post-Placement Activity

    • After ensuring that the placement transition process smoothly and successfully completed. We conduct a series of steps:

      • Inviting students valuable suggestion for improving the placement process

      • Collecting student’s testimonials.

      • Sharing successful students testimonials among existing and prospective students through various channels like

        • Placing students testimonial in website

        • Direct mailers and other activities

        • Inviting successful students at IISFT for guiding existing students for their better career prospective.


Placement Eligibility Criteria

    • Minimum 85 per cent attendance is required in classroom lectures

    • Minimum 70 per cent marks should be required in internal and external assessment examination.


Placement terms and Conditions

    • During the IISFT placement process a student should:

      • Be willing to relocate, if need arise

      • Attend not more the 3 interviews

      • Accept the offer that has been made to him/her

      • Not fail to attend any of the scheduled interviews. Failing to do so will render the student ineligible for the placement process


Checklist while attending interview

    • While going for interview, a student must confirm that he/she is carrying the following things and can be showed whenever asked for:

      • Two copy of resume in separate envelope

      • Two passport size latest photographs

      • Student ID card.