IISFT was setup in 2004 with a vision to support the corporate world in the field of shipping, logistics & Foreign Trade which is constantly striving of proper trained personals and with a vision to help students and working executives’ wishes to make a career in Export-Import, Shipping & Logistics.

Living in the era that is marked by revolutionary change in technology and business environment every now & than, it becomes paramount for an educational institute to keep up with the changing times. To meet professional demands, IISFT constantly design and redesign the programs & curriculum as suited to our corporate partners in order to develop the student’s capability. Education of new millennium needs to be technologically innovative and challengingly creative. It should prepare the students for the challenges of tomorrow.

IISFT , which constantly strives in pursuit of excellence, impart the kind of education that makes our country proud; an education that increase pride in our glorious past and mental make-up that is eager to soar into the skies of success.

Towards IISFT , it is a world of true enlightenment where excellence is the motto, manifestation of perfection is the goal, and where moral, social and intellectual values are the essence.

It is a world of innovative teaching methodologies, integrated approach to development of the student’s personality, the right atmosphere to build talent and a nurturing environment.